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  • Q Which commonly used ligatures part?

    A The appendix stump.
  • Q Why not use absorable suture ?

    A The absorbable suture is easy to disintegrate, which is not conducive for operation recovery. 
  • Q Is the suture is absorbable?

    A Microcure endolopp suture is Non-absorbable.
  • Q How is the weight bearing of endobag?

    A The connection points of the fetching bag should be firm, and can withstand a pulling force of 80N in the axial direction without disengaging or breaking.
  • Q What is the capacity of the bag?

    A Different models have different specifications.
    Size 40—35ml,Size 60—80ml,Size 80—250ml,Size 100—350ml,Size 130—1000ml.

  • Q What is the shape when the bag be opened ?

    A There are two different model .
    Model A is round shape,the sizes are 40 and 60.
    Model B is elliptical shape. The sizes are 80, 100 and 130.

  • Q How does the Microcure incision protection sleeve provide a better clinical experience while ensuring a good retraction force?

    A We did different tests on the hardness selection of the ring of the protective sleeve. The inner s ring has a higher hardness of 90°, which ensures a good abdominal expansion effect. The outer  ring is changed from 90° to 90°. 80°, to ensure more convenient and easier turn off.
  • Q How is the performance of the Microcure incision protection sleeve?

    A The connection of the outer ring and insertion ring very firm with channel and can withstand a pulling force of 10N without disengaging or breaking. The insertion ring and outer ring of the wound protector can be elastically deformed under the action of radial or longitudinal external force of 20N, it can be elastically restored after the external force is released. . The channel of the disposable incision prtoection sleeve should be able to smoothly curl or stretch with the elastic deformation or elastic recovery of the inserted ring and outer ring.
  • Q What’s the commonly models, used for which surgery?

    A 1、Obstetrics and Gynecology: Caesarean section:A-220/230-220/250Incision cut 11-17cm);A-290/280-270/250Incision cut 13-19cm)。Ovariectomy, hysterectomy:A-150/160-150/220(Incision cut 7-12cm);A-180/190-180/220Incision cut 9-14cm)
    2、Urology: kidney transplantation, nephrectomy:A-80/90-80/150(Incision cut 2.5-6cm)        A-120/130-120/220Incision cut5-9cm)
    3、General surgery: appendicitis surgery A-60/70-60/150(Incision cut2-4cm)、A-80/90-80/150Incision cut 2.5-6cm) Thyroidectomy, breast surgery:B-70/60-35/25 (Incision cut3.5cm)、A-60/70-60/150 Incision cut2-4cm)
    Radical gastric cancer, colorectal resection:A-150/160-150/220 Incision cut 7-12cm)、A-180/190-180/220Incision cut 9-14cm)
    Subtotal gastrectomy, colorectal resection: A-80/90-80/150(Incision cut 2.5-6cm)、A-120/130-120/220 (Incision cut 5-9cm)
    4、In cardiothoracic surgery: lobectomy:B-40/30-15/25Incision cut 1.5cm)、B-50/40-25/25Incision cut2.5cm)、A-60/70-60/150Incision cut 2-4cm)
    Valve replacement surgery, heart bypass surgery:A-60/70-60/150Incision cut2-4cm)
    Thoracic exploration::A-180/190-180/220Incision cut 9-14cm)

  • Q How to choose the incision protection sleeve model?

    A Model A Polymer protector (PE&PE polyurethane film)- Used for pneumoperitoneal laparoscopy operation.
     Model B Silicone Protector(Silicone)-Used for thoracoscopy, suspension laparoscopy and various small incision operations.

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