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High Quality Medical Plastic Wound Retractor

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It is suitable for endoscopic surgery and small incision operation, extending incision field, protecting incision from injury, and reducing incision infection.

  • WZIPS-A-80/90-80/150

  • Microcure

  • 9018909999


l Indications

It is suitable for endoscopic surgery and small incision operation, extending incision field, protecting incision from injury, and reducing incision infection.


l Contraindications

1. It is forbidden to use for thick abdominal cavity patients who do not conform to the specifications of the products.

2. It is forbidden to use when the Incision is too small and it is difficult to place the insertion ring.

3. It is forbidden to use sharp tool contacts which may cause scratches and ruptures of channel membranes.

4. Patient who allergic to silica gel is prohibited.


l Warnings

Please read the instructions carefully before using the product and follow the contraindications, warnings and precautions specified in the instructions. Otherwise, the patient may be exposed to complications. The company confirms and evaluates the risks that can be expected by doctors and engineers, but does not mean that the use of the products is risk free.

This manual is only an aid to the use of this product, not a medical or medical reference for surgery.

After use, the used products and their packaging should be disposed of in accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures of the hospital, the competent authority and/or the local government.


l Precautions

1.This product is for persons having adequate training only.

2.This product is sterilized using ethylene oxide, and sterile products are used for clinical use.

3.Check the package of this product carefully before use. Never use it if the package has been damaged.

4. Aseptic operation standard should be strictly implemented when use this product.

5. The product is for single use. It should not be reused by resterilization after usage.

6. The effective period of sterilization validity will be three years. Before application, please check whether it is within its period of validity. It is forbidden to use any product which shelf-life has expired.


l Single Use

These devices are provided STERILE and are intended for use in a Single procedure only.


l Sterilization

Ethylene oxide Sterilization


l Product specification(s) / Type:

   Type A and Type B


l Shelf Life

    3 years.


l Packaging and Cleaning

The product is treated with EO sterilization and is used for sterile product. The packing is broken and prohibited.


l Storage Requirements

Product should be stored in-door in a well-ventilated condition with a relative humidity not higher than 80% and without any corrosive gases.

l Package

The inside and outside of this product are blister box, medium box and transport packaging. The inner packaging is made of PET blister box, heat-sealed Tyvek 1059B dialysis paper; the middle box is made of carton; the transport box is made of corrugated box. The stapler is sterilized at the factory and can be used directly.


l Transportation

  The products should be protected from heavy pressure, strong vibration, direct sunlight, high temperature, moisture, rain and corrosive gases or liquids during transportation.

1. Operation method of WZIPS-A

Double rings are outer rings and single rings are inserted rings.

1.1Firstly, the appropriate size of the incision should be selected according to the size of the incision. Generally, the diameter of the incision should be slightly larger than that of the incision.

1.2 The insertion ring is extruded into a narrow oval shape and fed into the incision. In the incision, the insertion ring restores the circle by its own elasticity.

1.3 Straighten the position of the outer ring to correct channel distortion. According to the thickness of the incision tissue, turn inward the outer ring of the disposable incision protection sleeve with both hands, and the length of the passage is gradually shortened so that the outer ring is firmly attached to and fixed around the incision. At this point, the channel is close to the incision wall. The insertion ring and the outer ring are located on the inner and outer sides of the incision respectively. Under the traction of the insertion ring and the outer ring, the tension of the channel makes the incision open and expand, and exposes the operative field of vision.

1.4 When the operation was complete and need to extract the disposable incision protection sleeve, Pull the finger into the channel of the disposable incision protection sleeve and hold the edge of the insertion ring. Pull the insertion ring out along the passage, and then pull the disposable incision ring out smoothly together with the channel.



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