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Microsurgery Multiple Sizes 200ml Endo Pouch

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Disposable sample retrieval bag consists of six parts: opening device, inner tube, casing tube, outer pipe handle, inner tube handle and receiving bag. It can solve the difficulties in removal of excision from small incision and prevent the metastases of tumor and heterotopic growth of normal cells(such as endometriosis, etc) in minimally invasive surgery.
It is sterilized by irradiation. It direct contace with human body for no more than 60minutes.
  • WZSRB-B-80
  • Microcure
  • 9018909999

Intended use

The product is indicated to collect human tissue specimen/foreign body and external use for clinical minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.


1.All kinds of diseases not suitable for laparoscopic surgery are prohibited;

2.Tissues removed during laparoscopic surgery include sharp or sharp-edged tissue, such as broken bones that may cause damage to the product's pocket.


1.The volume of the collection shall not exceed the maximum capacity of each specification collection bag.

2.specimen when it is difficult to remove, remove the larger specimens, complete resistance to, remember to pull, pull collection bags to puncture, with deep collection bag to take out the removing tissue surgical instruments, or pull out after incision, in case the collection bag burst.


II a, rule 6 of MDD Annex IX

Conformity assessment procedure

MDD 93/42/EEC Annex V


Irradiation Sterilization

Models and specifications:


Structure, materials and performance:

Bag made by TPU or TPU and Nylon composite.


Products should be stored in a cool, dry, clean, well ventilated, non-corrosive gas environment.


3 years. Do not use after expiry.


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