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Disposable Protect Incision Silicone Wound Retractor

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It is suitable for endoscopic surgery and small incision operation, extending incision field, protecting incision from injury, and reducing incision infection.

  • WZIPS-A-60/70-60/150

  • Microcure

  • 9018909999


lProduct Name

Disposable incision protection sleeve


l Indications

Suitable for endoscopic surgery and small incision operation, extending incision field, protecting incision from injury, and reducing incision infection.


l Contraindications

1. Patients with a large waistline who do not meet the product specifications are not allowed to use it.

2. It cannot be used if the incision is too small and inserting the ring is challenging.

3. Avoid using sharp tools that can scratch or damage the channel membranes.

4. Patients who have an allergy to silica gel should not use it.

l Warnings

Before using the product, it is important to carefully read and follow the instructions, as well as any contraindications, warnings, and precautions listed. Failure to do so may result in complications for the patient. While the company assesses and acknowledges potential risks, it is important to note that the use of the product is not entirely risk-free.

Please note that this manual is intended solely as a guide for using the product and should not be used as a medical reference for surgical procedures.

After use, please dispose of the product and its packaging in accordance with the appropriate hospital, government, and/or local regulations and procedures.


l Precautions

1. Only individuals with sufficient training should use this product.

2. This product undergoes sterilization with ethylene oxide, and is suitable for clinical use.

3. Prior to use, carefully inspect the packaging of this product and refrain from using it if the packaging is damaged.

4. Strictly adhere to aseptic operation standards when utilizing this product.

5. This product is intended for single use only and should not be reused or resterilized after use.

6. The sterilization validity period for this product is three years. Before use, confirm that it is within its validity period. Using any product beyond its expiration date is prohibited.


l Single Use

These devices are provided STERILE and are intended for use in a Single procedure only.


l Shelf Life

   3 years.


Operation method of WZIPS-A

Our product features a unique zip operation method, with a double ring for the outer ring and a single ring for the inner ring.

To use, simply select the appropriate size based on the incision size. The incision diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of the incision. Next, squeeze the insertion ring into a narrow oval shape and insert it into the incision. The insertion ring will naturally spring back into a circular shape within the incision.

Then, straighten the outer ring position to correct any twisting in the channel. Using both hands, flip the outer ring of the disposable incision protection sleeve inward, gradually shortening the channel length to firmly attach and secure the outer ring around the incision. At this point, the channel is close to the incision wall, and the insertion and outer rings are located inside and outside the incision, respectively, providing full protection during the surgery.

Our Disposable Incision Protection Sleeve is a must-have for any surgical procedure, providing reliable and effective protection for both the patient and medical staff.


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